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Saudi Arabia 2019 (MEED Insights) - Trends, opportunities and challenges in the Middle East’s biggest market

Saudi Arabia 2019 (MEED Insights) - Trends, opportunities and challenges in the Middle East’s biggest market


"Saudi Arabia 2019 (MEED Insights)", comprehensive report provides a detailed assessment of the outlook, opportunities and challenges in all of the major business areas in the Kingdom with unique expert analysis of how the market is changing and the impact of these market changes.

In a nutshell, this report will enable your success in the Middle East’s biggest market.

Written by MEED, the Middle East market experts within the GlobalData Group, the report features dedicated sections on Vision 2030 and the National Transformation Plan, the Saudi Arabia project market and doing business in Saudi Arabia. This report will help you inform your long term strategic plans for the Middle East’s biggest economy.


- Comprehensive analysis of the opportunities, challenges and trends in the Kingdom to help businesses understand the transformation taking place in Saudi Arabia.
- An update on the progress of the National Transformation Plan and provides a detailed review on the Vision 2030 objectives
- A special look at the program of mega projects being implemented to achieve the long term strategic goals
- Examines the growing significance of the Public Investment Fund as the major driver of Saudi’s investment program
- A review of Saudi Aramco’s investment and project plans having completed its deal to by 70% of Sabic
- A complete assessment of the status of Saudi Arabia’s privatization plans and the latest on the program of public private partnerships
- A look at all the key policy initiatives being implemented to deliver the Kingdom’s long term goals including the impact of the in-Kingdom value added program, the diversification of the economy into new sectors such as tourism and the drive to stimulate private sector growth through the opening up of capital markets and stimulating business start-ups.
- An examination of the plans for investment in renewable energy projects in the Kingdom looking at how capacity will be procured and by which organisation following the January announcement of the world’s biggest renewable energy program that will see the installation of 58.7 GW of renewable power by 2030.
- A detailed analysis of all the major sectors in the Saudi economy looking at the capital investment programs, projects and policies shaping these sectors.
- Coverage of 10 key business sectors including oil and gas, construction, power and transport and provides a complete picture for business in those sectors
- A dedicated chapter on the Kingdom’s projects market examining key contractors, clients and projects that will drive the market in the coming years.
- An overview of some of the key business issues, such as taxation plans, changing employment law and dispute resolution, affecting the market in a dedicated chapter on doing business in Saudi Arabia.

Reasons to buy

- Understand what is going on in Saudi Arabia’s transformation plan
- Identify business opportunities across all of the main areas of the Saudi economy
- Understand current and future project spending plans in Saudi Arabia
- Identify challenges facing companies in Saudi Arabia
- Identify risks and enable risk mitigation measures in the Kingdom
- Understand government needs and priorities
- Understand the competitive landscape in your sector.

Table of Contents
1 Executive summary
2 Economic transformation
2.1 Vision 2030: Progress Report
2.2 Vision 2030 targets
2.3 National Transformation Programme (NTP)
3 Government
3.1 Change in the ruling family
3.2 Relations with the US
3.3 Regional diplomacy and conflict
3.4 Diplomatic disputes
3.5 Saudi Arabia and global oil markets
3.6 Economic and social development
3.7 Social reforms
4 Economy
4.1 GDP
4.2 Inflation
4.3 Oil production
4.4 Government finances
4.5 Trade flows
4.6 Banking and monetary policy
4.7 Stock market
4.8 Foreign direct investment
4.9 Labour market
4.10 The economy in 2018-20
4.11 MEED forecast to 2020
4.12 Saudi Aramco IPO
4.13 The IMF view
4.14 Credit ratings agencies
5 Projects market
5.1 Spending drivers
5.2 Outlook
5.3 Leading contractors
5.4 Leading clients
5.5 Megaprojects
6 Oil and Gas
6.1 Overview
6.2 Vision 2030 targets
6.3 Market structure
6.4 Saudi Aramco
6.5 Upstream oil
6.6 Natural gas
6.7 Refining
6.8 Projects market
7 Petrochemicals
7.1 Petrochemical Industry overview
7.2 Feedstock issues
7.3 Refining petrochemicals integration initiative
7.4 Key companies
7.5 Projects market
8 Mining and natural resources
8.1 Investment
8.2 Gold and base metals
8.3 Phosphate
8.4 Aluminium and bauxite
8.5 Industrial minerals
8.6 Exploration
8.7 Vision 2030 targets
8.8 Talent and experience
9 Industry
9.1 Diversification
9.2 Automotive
9.3 Polysilicon
9.4 Cement
9.5 Steel
9.6 Aluminium
9.7 Fertilisers
9.8 Defence
9.9 Outlook
10 Power
10.1 Overview
10.2 Market Structure
10.3 Supply and demand
10.4 Power generation projects
10.5 Upcoming projects
10.6 Conversion projects
10.7 Steam plants
10.8 Decommissioning
10.9 Private power market
10.10 Developers
10.11 SEC privatisation
10.12 SWCC privatisation
10.13 Fuel sources
10.14 Nuclear
10.15 Energy efficiency
10.16 Transmission & distribution
11 Renewable energy
11.1 Overview
11.2 NREP projects
11.3 Other projects
12 Desalination
12.1 Market structure
12.2 Supply/demand
12.3 Saline Water Conversion Corporation
12.4 Private developers
12.5 Future private projects
12.6 Decommissioning
12.7 Future projects
12.8 Privatisation
13 Wastewater
13.1 Management contracts
13.2 Past and future spending
13.3 Groundwater
13.4 Treated sewage effluent
13.5 Marafiq
14 Construction
14.1 Overview
14.2 Projects market
14.3 Contractors and the government
14.4 PPP projects
14.5 Real estate
14.6 Healthcare
14.7 Education
14.8 Roads
15 Tourism
15.1 Overview
15.2 Vision 2030 and the tourism sector
15.3 Cultural tourism
15.4 Hospitality
15.5 Leisure projects
15.6 Retail projects
16 Rail
16.1 Railway masterplan
16.2 Structure of the rail industry
16.3 Mainline rail infrastructure
16.4 Metro/light rail transit
16.5 Monorail
17 Aviation
17.1 Airport projects
17.2 Market liberalisation
18 Ports
18.1 Sector drivers
18.2 Major ports
18.3 Projects and investments
18.4 Port-rail links
18.5 Privatisation
18.6 Public private partnerships (PPP)
18.7 Vision 2030 targets
19 Doing Business
19.1 Foreign direct investment in Saudi Arabia
19.2 Trading with Saudi Arabia
19.3 Doing business with the public sector
19.4 Saudi Arabia’s Privatisation Push
19.5 Taxation
19.6 Employment law
19.7 Intellectual property
19.8 Enforcing contracts, resolving disputes, and liquidating a business

Report Title: Saudi Arabia 2019 (MEED Insights) - Trends, opportunities and challenges in the Middle East’s biggest market

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